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I am Sydney Mann, the wife of the late David Mann. I am the mother of David's two youngest children and the bonus mom to his three eldest. I was nearly two months pregnant with our youngest son when we lost David. The past year has been a profound mix of grief and blessings. Amid our pain, after months of prayer, I felt a strong calling to continue David's legacy. Throughout his career,
David shared his knowledge and influence with thousands of dancers, and there is no greater honor for me than to contribute
to the dance community in his memory. This led to the creation of The David Mann Foundation.

David passed away unexpectedly in October 2022 while he was on a work trip setting tap choreography, doing what he loved most. David was a compassionate, loving, and dedicated husband, father, son, brother, uncle, friend, and tap instructor. He was a devout follower of Jesus and a faithful member of our church. He loved traveling, music, CrossFit, the New York Yankees, and the Carolina Panthers. His passion for dance began in his early years, growing up in his family's studio alongside his parents, Paula and Michael Mann, and his siblings Justin and Stephanie. David and I met at a dance nationals event, both being dance educators, our bond
was immediate and we were instantly inseparable. Dance plays a significant role in our story, and my aspiration is not only
to support the dance community but also to share our story– to demonstrate that even in the midst of
heartbreaking tragedy, there is purpose and light.



The David Mann Foundation exists due to generous donations from others.

Every donation supports the foundation and provides scholarship opportunities for dancers.

Every donation is tax deductible and appreciated.

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